The Pull from email attachment step is here!

Hi everyone,

I’m Warren and I’m a software engineer at Parabola. Last week, we released a brand new step: Pull from email attachment.

You can use this step to email CSV/XLS file attachments directly to a dedicated email address for your specific Parabola flow. Once you set up and publish your flow, sending CSV/XLS files to that dedicated email address will automatically trigger your published flow to run. You can check out the detailed docs here.

This has been a highly requested feature from our customers, so I hope you enjoy it.


The Pull from email attachment seems to work great with csv files. However, all xls and xlsx files fail for me. Prefer to use xlsx for this step. Help please.

Hi @Ken_Aldridge,

Thanks for reaching out. I replicated this step with an xlsx file, but wasn’t able to recreate that error.

There are two things that may be happening in your step Pull from email attachment. Within the step, are you:

  1. Selecting the same File Type as the one you are emailing? In this case, you’d select File Type option “XLS / XLSX”.

  2. If your xlsx file has multiple tabs, in the step’s Sheet section, are you selecting the name of the tab you’re wanting to pull into Parabola? Is the tab name staying constant when you’re emailing the file, or does its name change often?