The Pull from email attachment step is here!

Hi everyone,

I’m Warren and I’m a software engineer at Parabola. Last week, we released a brand new step: Pull from email attachment.

You can use this step to email CSV/XLS file attachments directly to a dedicated email address for your specific Parabola flow. Once you set up and publish your flow, sending CSV/XLS files to that dedicated email address will automatically trigger your published flow to run. You can check out the detailed docs here.

This has been a highly requested feature from our customers, so I hope you enjoy it.


The Pull from email attachment seems to work great with csv files. However, all xls and xlsx files fail for me. Prefer to use xlsx for this step. Help please.

Hi @Ken_Aldridge,

Thanks for reaching out. I replicated this step with an xlsx file, but wasn’t able to recreate that error.

There are two things that may be happening in your step Pull from email attachment. Within the step, are you:

  1. Selecting the same File Type as the one you are emailing? In this case, you’d select File Type option “XLS / XLSX”.

  2. If your xlsx file has multiple tabs, in the step’s Sheet section, are you selecting the name of the tab you’re wanting to pull into Parabola? Is the tab name staying constant when you’re emailing the file, or does its name change often?

Hi Adeline,

Sorry for the delayed reply. After much frustration, I’ve resorted to converting all Excel files to .csv prior to sending to Parabola. I verified the file type was correct everytime I tested. Also, my excel files have only one sheet, and I could never make a sheet selection because the file would not import and thus sheets could not be recognized. I’m happy to send you a file iif you’d like to test with one of my files. Not sure what else to do.

Hey Ken! That would be really helpful for us tracking this down. Please send a couple example files that do not work to and we will look into the issue!

I’m still having issues with the Pull from email attachment step. I was finally able to successfully pull a file. The only differece was that the failed file had 15,400 rows and the successful file had only 17. Otherwise the data (columns) were the same. Is the number of rows limited when pulling a .csv file?
Only upload option here is for .jpeg. Don’t see an option to upload a .csv here.

Hi @Ken_Aldridge,

Thanks for reaching out about this. The step ‘Pull from email attachment’ has a file size limit of 1MB which could be the cause of what you experienced. What was the file size, for the one with 15,400 rows? Could you clarify on what you mean by uploading option for .jpeg? We don’t currently support this file type in our steps.


Thank you for your reply. The file is indeed 1.8MB. Any suggestions? Might help to add a popup or something stating the actual error reason. Also still trying to figure out why .xlsx files stopped working in the Pull step, while .csv files seem to work.

I misunderstood the previous comment asking me to send files to an email address. Thought it asked me to upload here, which only allows .jpeg.

Hi @Ken_Aldridge,

Thanks for the feedback about making the error messaging more clear about file sizes. What are the sizes of your .xlsx files? If they’re >1MB, then this would likely still be the cause of the error. Can you email us examples of your files (.csv and .xslx) to so we can troubleshoot this further?