Trigger Google Sheet Macros

  1. What is your feature/integration request? Trigger a macro in google sheets right before a google sheet is imported, or immediately after it is exported.
  2. What problem would this feature/integration solve? I can’t update an row when exporting to google sheets ( I can replace the entire sheet, or I can override)… long story short, I am sending a formula to gsheets, and it works really well, but the formula I am sending over looks for a date in another column, and because the entire sheet is being overridden, the formatting for this particular column gets erased so I get some kind of UNIX date format instead of a date format.
  3. How do you solve/workaround this problem today? I have a macro that I can action at any time and it quickly fixes the issue, but it would be awesome if I could trigger a formula after a flow runs to polish the export presentation, and automate the experience beginning to end.

This is just one use case of using google macros, but if it is possible to use both of them, it could be a powerful mix assuming enough of parabola’s user base use or need macros