The highest value in two columns

I’m breaking my brain today on Friday trying to figure out how to do the math to create a column in Parabola that chooses the higher value from two columns.

Sometimes the cell in Column A has the higher value and other times it’s Column B.

I’d like to create a Column C that looks at the values in A and B and inputs the higher of the two into C.

Some plus, minuses, and absolute values thoughts crossed my mind and then it stopped working and figured I’d better off searching this community or posting the question.

Anybody done this before?

:wave: @Cary_Wan! Good question – I think you should be able to use the If/Else step. You’ll want to do something like:

  1. Rule 1: If A > B, choose value A
  2. Rule 2: If B > A, choose value B
  3. Rule 3: If B = A, choose value A (doesn’t matter which one!)

Set the “Match” to “any condition.” It will go down your list of rules sequentially (so if it doesn’t match rule 1, it will go to rule 2, etc.). I made a snippet for you to show you how I did this: parabola:cb:7a728cf3473e4955b17e8d3e3d629e27 (just copy and paste that onto a flow).

Let me know if that makes sense / answers your question.

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Worked like a charm, thank you!

One thing I’ll add is that I was getting discrepancies and was scratching my head on why. Then I discovered that the commas in the numbers were messing it up. I had to do a find and replace commas with nothing so that 1,000 turns into 1000 and works properly in the rules.

Glad it worked! And I’m sorry you had to deal with that…I’ve run into the same problem before. We’re planning on addressing that issue soon though :slight_smile: