Improvements to our Insert If/Else Column step

Hey y’all,

I’m Liam, your friendly neighborhood Parabola software engineer. I’ve been working on some improvements to the Insert If/Else Column step that I think you’ll like.

The Insert If/Else Column step gives you the ability to to add a new column to a table based on logical rules you define by comparing existing columns to one another. These rules can become complex quickly, so we’ve made the step’s interface much easier to read.

In addition, you can now combine dynamic column references with static text by wrapping column names in curly braces. You might have seen this “merge tag” functionality in other products, or in some of our other more advanced steps, like our Insert Math Column step.

Here’s a (tongue-in-cheek) example of how you can combine values:

The new version of Insert If/Else Column is ready for use today! If you have an existing Insert If/Else Column on your flow, worry not—we’ve left your steps alone so you can upgrade at your own leisure.