User Pain: I run big batches of data through API’s. I know the data is formated correctly so I’ve already worked around the error case (Which is a huge feature request by the way, API error handling). Calculating a flow before publishing said flow means I have to wait 50 minutes, then wait 50 more minutes after running the flow.

User Story: I the user should be able to press “Partial Calculation?” as a setting that tells parabola it need to only test a small number of rows (1-5%) to populate the rest of the transforms and test the output. A little pop up would would show up that says (“We can not guarantee the accuracy of the entire dataset using this setting, once published you will be charged the same number of credits without a pre-calculation guarantee” or w.e.) I the user would select “Continue” and the calculation would be run on my command (way better btw).