Switch-off API enrichment while in dev mode

This request is subsequent to this post.

  1. What is your feature/integration request?

For API enrichment I would like to be able to switch-off calculation while in dev mode.

  1. What problem would this feature/integration solve?

It would not waste credit on usage-based API services.

  1. How do you solve/workaround this problem today?

No workaround satisfy my requirements.

In the same objective, it would be nice if we could tick something to ignore blank cells.

Would be very useful !

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What a wonderful idea!!!


Agreed! my flow does 2000 api calls with each run and whenever i change something (often unrelated to the api call) I will burn thousands of API credits just for some minor change. This is getting somewhat expensive :sob:

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I think my issue is related to this: I am using the enrich feature to create new customers and use the response in my next flow to write their new IDs back in a different system. Because the enrich step actually runs while you are editing the flow, my customer is created but the response with the ID is gone when I try to publish & run the whole flow since the customer already exists

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I just setup a “Pull from API” step which will go through 520 pages and has a limit of 3 pages per minute. Now, I’m sitting here waiting for 2,5 hours for the “calculating…” to be over. So I can run the flow, which will take another 2,5h…

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At the moment I use limit rows to only have a few.
But at the moment of publishing I need to remove that step and it means a minimum of twice the API calls necessary for the flow…

I guess your issue is that the workflow of Parabola needs to finish calculating the step during edit mode.

If I may, I think an on/off switch as follows:
Build mode: simulate step results for whole dataset using [number dropdown] API results.
and eventually a refetch of these results on request.

If activated, the step would query n results and randomly use those results as API response for the rest of the table during editing. Doing so, your whole flow process isn’t disturbed and we keep our API credits.

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