Pull from Salesforce very slow (or not running at all?)

I have a flow which is looking at an object in Salesforce, there are around 300k records the flow would need to look at.

I’ve left Parabola for hours and it’s not showing me the results. Is this too many rows?

I think using a view would speed this up but it’s going to be tricky to filter on the records needed.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Vince_Humphries :wave:

Parabola can import 300k records but will definitely take longer to do so. Is the step stuck calculating or is there no data being returned?

Steps should stop calculating after 1 hour, so there’s a chance this step has stalled or timed out. This can usually be resolved by making another import request.

Are you comfortable sharing a link to your flow or your flow name? Feel free to send it to help@parabola.io and we can further investigate.