How to disable API Enrichment before running a flow?

Hi there community,
I think this is an issue many of us had, It seems that the enrich by an API steps sends call every time we refresh the setting and this cause a huge problem for two reasons;

  • sending duplicate requests , some APis limit the amount of requests per day
  • Having to wait until the refresh is done and all rows processed which is a huge waste of time.

I’ve looked and I can’t find any solution to disable the step while building the flow. I was wondering if any of you tried limit the rate limiting to 0 (Maximum pages to fetch), in a GET request , what about a POST request?

I just can’t test if on my end my step is still refreshing :upside_down_face:

SPOILER! Nope. Rate limiting pages to fetch to 0 doesn’t work for POST requests .

Hi @sdp_pirate- Currently the Enrich with an API step will calculate while you are building, however Engineering is tracking the feature request in this thread. Please upvote that thread if you haven’t done so already!

There are some workarounds listed there as well as to help prevent API calls from being made as you’re building out your Flow.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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