Step results won’t ipdate


I’m new here. It may be a personal computer issue and not the software but I can see when I make changes in the step that the “show updated results” button appears selectable. But it’s not updating at all when I click it.
Any ideas?

Hi @Danielle_T_Smith, welcome to Parabola’s Community!

Happy to troubleshoot this for you. Can you let me know which step you are trying to update? If that step pulls in data from an external APIs or integrations, you’ll need to ensure that new data is available to pull before refreshing data. For example, some steps like the Send to an API step require the published flow to run to ensure that data is exported and can be imported in other flows.

If you’re not working with external APIs or integrations, try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies before refreshing your flow. If the issue still persists, email the link to your Flow and we can get you sorted. Happy building!