Change dot notation in API response


So I have an API that returns a count of jobs for a specific date and one of the object keys is the current date. So the issue I’m having is that parabola only saves the key that is for the date I publish the flow so for example today is 2020-10-14 so when the flow goes to run tomorrow its going to look for 2020-10-14 not 2020-10-15 I have included a sample response form the api and would love any suggestions.
I think that parabola uses dot notation so in the builder it looks like, so I would love for it to use the current date.

Thank you!

  "data": {
    "2020-10-14": {
      "info_recv": 0,
      "dispatched": 2,
      "completed": 18,
      "completed_partial": 0,
      "failed": 0,
      "on_hold": 0,
      "return": 0,
      "unassigned": 0,
      "assigned": 20,
      "all": 20

Hi @Luke_Jamison,

Are you using the step Start with date & time row to get the current date? If so, the step’s default settings Days Offset is set to 0 and pulls in the current time stamp for when the flow runs (it’ll update itself automatically).

If you need this to look for a future date, you can adjust the step’s Days Offset settings to get at the date you’ll need. For example, if you set the offset to 1, it will show a time stamp for tomorrow instead of today.

Or are you referring to the step Enrich with an API that may be connected to the date step? If I misunderstood your question, can you send a flow screenshot of how it is set up so I can better under this problem? Thanks – happy to continue troubleshooting.