Specific API setup, I could use some help

Hello there everyone,

I am trying to set up an API with MultiSafepay, but whatever I do, I get errors. I have never setup an API before, so it must a 100% user-problem, so anyone that has some experience might be able to help me with it.

The information for setting up the API is here:


and I have a Site ID (might not be needed for the API?), Secure Code, and API-key.

If anyone can help me find the right settings, that would be fantastic.

Thank you in advance!


Hey Sabrina! Happy to help you with this one.

Looking at their docs, I think you just need to add a custom header called api_key - so your settings should look like this:

Let us know if that works!

Hi Brian,

Thank you for your assistance!

I don’t have the option “api-key” available;


I only have “x-api-key” and that does not work, already tried, it gives the next error:


(I copy-pasted the API key, so it couldn’t actually be invalid, right?)

Thank you in advance for looking into this!

Ah I see! The dropdown is full of some common headers. But you can type or paste in any value into that blue selection block. Then just click where it says “use” to set that custom header value. So set it to api_key with an underscore!

Ah, it wasn’t clear i could also type something in that field, works now.
So now I will go find out if I can get the data I need.

I really like Parabola btw. I am learning a bit of Python right now, but Parabola already makes so many of the things I would like to automate so easy. I think using API’s will still be good to know some coding, but I may not need to become a coder to make processes more efficient, so Parabola is exactly what I need!

Thank you for your help! :clap:

Have a good rest of the day (what time is it there?)

Greetings from the Netherlands :wave: