Can only get one order from API, missing some settings?


Tha API now works, I can get data, but only for one order by adding an order_id to the URL.
However, I want to get all orders between a specific time period, and with a specific status, and no matter what I do, I only get errors as soon as I add anything other then one single order_id, even using only will raise an error.

Have been searching for pagination documentation form

but they don’t have anything on that. Still I think there might be some settings I need to adjust there to be able to get more orders.

Does anyone have any wisdom here?

Thank you in advance!

(only thing that works so far:)

Hi Sabrina - I took a look at the MultiSafepay’s API documentation and it looks like the “retrieve an order” endpoint you’re using requires a single Order ID. That’s why you’re experiencing an error when you try just

If we’re able to get a list of all Order IDs, you could use the API Enrichment step to hit the “retrieve an order” endpoint for all your Order IDs:

I looked around to see if we can find another endpoint that gives us a list of all your Order IDs, but unfortunately didn’t find anything. Can you ask MultiSafepay to see if this is possible through their API?


Hi Sachi,

I am communicating with Multisafepay, but it is not going smoothly, what if I could extract a CSV or Excel file with all order IDs, could I do anything with that?

I already tried adding a second orderID, but no matter how I enter it, I get an error back, so I may need some help to find out what the URL should look like for multiple orderIDs?

(I have a little tiny bit of .py knowledge, so maybe I am just not using the correct punctuation marks or something like that?)

Thank you in advance!

(and still loving Parabola, it’s awesome! :grinning:)

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Hey Sabrina!

If you can get a file with all the order IDs, that will make this possible! With that, you could use the API Enrichment step to make a request per row, and retrieve the orders 1 by 1.

If you are still in contact with Multisafepay, ask them if there is an API endpoint, or series of endpoints, that you can use to fetch a full list of your orders. Right now it does not seem possible by reading their docs.

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Hi Brian,

Thank you for the swift reply!
They spoke about “batch job” and writing a script, but that is a bit beyond my knowlegde :joy:

I can get a .csv file with orderID’s I need, see lower print screen, but I have no idea how to make that work with api-enrichment? And is that even possible?

thinking of this…

(in this list orderID is called MT_MERCHANTTRANSACTIONID)

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If you have the CSV with the ID’s then do the following:

  1. Use a CSV File Import to load that file into Parabola
  2. Place down an API Enrichment step
  3. Connect the CSV File step to the API Enrichment step
  4. Set up your API Enrichment just like you did your API Import. In the URL Endpoint field, instead of typing in an Order ID - just reference the column that contains them. If the column name is MT_MERCHANTTRANSACTIONID then your URL should end in …/orders/{MT_MERCHANTTRANSACTIONID} with the order id column name wrapped in {curly braces}.
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This works!! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Thank you so much, I am virtually hugging you!! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


So glad you got this working!!