Sort data better with the improved Sort Rows step

Hey all!

We’ve created a new version of our Sort Rows step, with some great changes under the hood: the updated step can now sort complex data like dates and currencies with greater precision, as well as columns containing mixed types of data.

To take advantage of these changes, replace any existing sort steps in your Flows with a new step!

Hey Brian, ref the message “New step version available - There is a new version of the step ‘Filter rows’ available in the step menu. This step will continue to work, but we recommend replacing it with the newest version.” Can a step be replaced using the copy function, etc. so the step doesn’t have to be completely rebuilt? Or, is ‘inserting’ the new version and rebuilding the only option for replacing the step?

Hey @Ken_Aldridge! Jumping in for Brian to help answer your question.

To use a new step version, you will need to bring it in from the Step toolbar (top left). The copy function unfortunately does not update the step to the newer version. Let us know if you have any other questions!