More updated steps this week!

Hey all!

We’ve been busy updating some steps, and here they are:

Remove Duplicate Rows

  • This step has an updated look, and can no longer merge duplicates like it used to. That is being handled by the next step in this list

Merge Duplicate Rows

  • A new step! This will merge any rows that you have decided are duplicates, and you can choose which columns are merged and not merged.
  • You can also skip blanks as well as only merge unique values across those rows
  • This is great for cleaning up contact lists where someone can show up multiple times with slightly different information.

Merge Values

  • This step has been deactivated. Any that you currently have will continue to work, but in general this functionality was absorbed by the Merge Duplicate Rows step.

Pull from Email Attachment

  • This step has had some usability concerns addressed. Most notably is that it should be easier now to place the step in your flow, and then have it “listen” for a new email so that you can get to building!
  • Manage your flow’s email address from your flow dashboard. You can now cycle the email address in order to cut the flow off from running if some other service is sending emails that you cannot stop. This can also help secure your flow if you share the email address with the wrong person/service.

Hope you all like them! Feel free to ping me with feedback or leave a comment here.