Simple lead clean up flow turned into a monster

Oldie, but goodie.

The first flow I built in Parabola! This started out as a simple lead clean up flow, which helped me break off my love/hate relationship with Find and Replace. I took my original step-by-step Find and Replace process that I had saved in a Google Doc and replicated it with the Find and Replace step in Parabola, immediately saving me at least 30 minutes each day.

I added a few more steps around lead scoring, based upon title and seniority, and extracted the email domain from the lead email address. I used the email domain and lead scoring to then filter down the target leads to just the 3 highest scoring per company.

From there, it got wild. With all the extra time I had, I kept coming back to the flow wondering “what else could I do?”

A lot. Clearly.

I started adding fields where I would reference the other 2 leads per company I was also emailing. I mapped shared LinkedIn connections to the leads as referenceable data. Based on available company data, like size, industry, HQ location, I started mapping relevant customers (from a separate dynamic Google Sheet, which was also updated via Parabola) to the accounts as even more referenceable fields.

We started doing offline mailing, so I added mailing address collection and validation.

We wanted user-generated data from Glassdoor for each account, so I set up a web-scraping tool to collect the company’s Glassdoor scores and add them to the Account level record.

Finally, with companies and leads having varying amounts of data appended to their records, I created multiple exports, segmented by how much data was available, to ensure that every record was email-ready and grouped accordingly.

The flow ran manually at first, which was pretty much daily as long as I didn’t forget. Soon, Parabola launched the scheduling functionality, and the flow started running automatically at 5pm every day. Eventually, I set the flow to run every hour. At this point, it was a near real-time automation machine that kept my Salesforce lead data clean, relevant, trustworthy, and up-to-date.

I still haven’t found anything available in the market like this flow. A custom solution to a specific need. It may not look it, but it was perfection!

great use! Could you share a blurred result ? Or where the data is filled in with dummy data? I really want to see some of your end results!

Thanks :pray:

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Hey Quentin, thanks! Sadly, this is an old flow, to the point that the source data no longer exists (I left the company where I used Parabola previously). It would take quite a while to rebuild all the reference sheets as well. Happy to answer any questions you may have though!

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