Having problem with work flow & is it can able to do with Parabola?

I would like to know , is it possible to use parabola for my work flow.

I would like to draw a work flow for my fulfillment

it is like, my store will sell covid test kit for different region (may be using translate or multi region)

for different region there will be different fulfillment services.

so I add regions as a tag in product in order to filter order easily, for eg UK, USA etc

when order receive, i would like to send email to fulfillment center

of course fulfillment will be different based on order tag. if there is a tag for UK, email will be send to UK fulfillment center.

that is one flow

another one is when fulfillment center receive the email, they have to update the order process status by uploading on sftp and sync back to shopify in every 3 hours (if possible ). so the order status will be update in shopify too.

not finish yet.

another one will be from laboratory like the same flow with fulfillment. Laboratory will update the test result and upload via sftp and sync back to shopify and the order status will be update

so is it possible to do in parabola?

Hi there,

Parabola can do all of this.

For flow #1, you’d need to:

  1. Pull in your orders (best to do this on a schedule, in bulk)
  2. Filter your orders to separate them out by region
  3. Send emails to your fulfillment centers so that they get the orders they need to fulfill (based on region).

For flow #2, you need to:

  1. set up the pull from FTP step (details here)
  2. Send to Shopify

You’d need to run this on a schedule. These are the out-of-the-box scheduling options, but there are some workarounds to set it up for every 3 hours:

For flow #3:
Same as flow #2, but you would pull from sftp for all laboratory partners you have, and then push that data back to Shopify.

Are you planning to show people the result of their covid test in shopify itself?

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Hi thank you for your reply.

for flow #1, I don’t know how multi region process when customer order and how will parabola will pull out based on region?
I have another option for it, if I use translate instead of region and use region as tag in product, eg, product tag with UK. Then can parabola pull data based on product tags? cuz I don’t see that option.

for both flow 2 and 3 as soon as order status change, will send email to customer. it won’t show to people.

Is it possible to do so?

It should definitely be possible, but I’d need to see your specific set up and the specific columns and fields to be helpful.

In fact, I have some time on my schedule in the next few days and I could build these flows for you. Would you be interested in that?

sure, my store need to launch in a few day. So I should upgrade 400 plan right? that will be great if you guide me how.

Yes. I’m DM’ing you now.