Shorten link service?

Hi All
Just getting started with parabola , and so far its great .

i have a lot of links i need to shorten . Usally i use

have anyone seen a service on here where i can do that, so i dont need to use both parabola and integromat for this simple task

I haven’t done it myself, but there is a funcitionality where you could utilize talking with Integromats API? Whenever you have a new ROW then contact Integromat, send a updated URL to the ROW that was created before (there then should be a OLD URL column and NEW URL column) if get my idea. I wouldn’t think anyone in here have this kind of specific unique knowledge - i could be wrong.

Hey @christian_Wilhelmsen! Welcome to Parabola.

Have you tried using’s API?

I just gave it a quick test and seems to work really well with our Enrich with an API step.

Here’s an example:

First, make sure you send the Enrich with an API step some data like so:

Then, follow these steps here to get your POST endpoint URL and Bearer Token from

Update your group_guid in your call’s Body with the ID located in your browser’s URL when on

Lastly, replace the {Long URLs} bracket in the API call’s Body with the header from your URL column that you’re looking to shorten:

and change your Authentication method to Bearer Token to insert your token generated in

Hope this helps!


@jp thank you sooo much, its like having superman on my team :slight_smile: works like a charm .