Shopify Sales by Time of Day

Hi Parabola community!

Has anyone tackled this question with Parabola yet?

Anyone Know A Tool/App To Calculate Best Hour And Day Of Week For Sales For A Shopify Store?

So far my attempt pulls order date/time data and sends it to a Google Sheet. I’m now using the Google Sheet to try and figure out most popular time of day for sales, as well which day of the week is most popular. But, I’m a novice at Google sheets so it’s taking me more effort to find these answers within Google Sheets.

Perhaps the Parabola team has a recipe up its sleeve to help easily determine popular time of day and day of week for Shopify sales, all within Parabola (without having to rely on Google Sheets to finish the task).

Hi Roger! Definitely a good use-case for Parabola. I’ve modified our Shopify orders summary recipe a bit to get our data set-

The flow is can be adjusted to pull by day, hour, or day and hour by updating the Format Date step to the following:
By Day of Week: dddd
By Hour: HH
By Day of Week and Hour: dddd HH

Heres a snippet of the card I’ve created: parabola:cb:b6fef302-d519-4947-8aed-c2cf5afec731

Let me know if you have any questions! Happy building


Thanks Ayana! I’ll give it a try~