ABC Inventory Analysis report (Shopify)

Hi Parabola Community,

Has anyone tried to replicate Shopify’s ABC Inventory Analysis report in a flow?

The ABC analysis divides your products into 3 grades, which provides insight into which products to focus on, promote, or discount.

  • A-grade: Top-selling products that account for 80% of revenue.
  • B-grade: Products that account for 15% of revenue.
  • C-grade: Products that account for 5% of revenue.

I might give it a shot, but wanted to ask if someone’s already created one… Thanks!

Hi @Roger :wave:

This seems like a great use case for Parabola!

We don’t have a pre-built recipe for that specific report, but I did modify our Shopify Sales by Product report to replicate the fields shown in Shopify’s documentation:

I’ve included a snippet below that you can paste into your flow to duplicate the flow configuration and relevant step settings. Just be sure to authorize your Shopify integration:


Let me know if that helps point you in the right direction :slight_smile:


Thanks @daniel. You’re a pro :clap: The cards keep everything so clean too.

I might have to tweak this recipe to become a “Sales by Type” report since we sell hundreds of unique items with only 1 or 2 units of (i.e. records :musical_note:).


Hey @Roger,

Glad to hear Daniel’s snippet was able to help get you started! Just wanted to check back in here to see if you were able to successfully tweak the flow to display “Sales by Type?”

Not quite, @Adam_R, I realized I need to do a bit more filtering, i.e. “Sales By Type + Filtered by Tags” to get the results I’m looking for.

Best of luck building out the report with this additional customization! If you run into any issues setting this up, feel free to post questions here.

We’re also happy to jump on a working session to build this out live if you’re interested – you’re welcome to shoot us an email at if you’d like to set up a time!

If anyone is trying to recreate this report in the future, feel free to check out our ABC Inventory Analysis Report Recipe!