Send to API not sending any data

I have a flow that gets data from redshift and sends data to BigQuery using an API. A few days ago I had to adjust the redshift query and the Send to API - Request Body and I noticed that it stopped sending data, the problem is, Parabola is not showing any error, it says that it has sent the data using the API, but when I go to BigQuery there is nothing there.

Does anyone know what could be happening here?

Last flows results:

Hi @Rodrigo_Cardoso,

Thanks for letting us know. This usually means that Google sent us back a 200 response, meaning the request was valid.

There may be an issue with the data itself or where the data is being sent. What were the changes you made to your JSON request body over the past few days? Feel free to send a current example of your JSON data if that’s easiest.

Hi Daniel, I simply added a few fields.

Here is the JSON request body:
“ignoreUnknownValues”: “no”,
“kind”: “bigquery#tableDataInsertAllResponse”,
“skipInvalidRows”: “no”,
“rows”: [
{“json”: {
“revenue”: {revenue},
“currency”: “{currency}”,
“product”: “{product}”,

Thanks for sending this, Rodrigo.

Is your new request not sending any data or is it just the new fields that you added? Does reverting those changes sucessfully POST data?

Two additional things worth checking are the rows array and the data types for each field. Since the “Send to an API” sends a separate request per row, I wonder if formatting that array is necessary.

Lastly, try using an API client like Postman to send a test request to that API. Let me know what the response is.

Daniel, I have tried sending information using Postman and I did it with no problem.

I believe the problem is formatting indeed, that said, what would be the proper way to format in Parabola? I have a similar flow where I send information to BigQuery using a similar JSON request body and it is working just fine.

For a better understanding of my data, the values in between quotation marks are text, the ones without it are numbers, float and int.

Edit: About your last question, my new request is not sending any data.

Hey @Rodrigo_Cardoso,

Thanks for sending this over. Can you email us at with a copy of your flow? At this point, I’d like to add myself as a collaborator, so I can further look into your flow and run a few test requests on my end.

Since this request did not receive an error, it might be helpful to check any logs you have access to and see the request body that Parabola sent.

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