Select Column not working as expected

I have a select column wired up to ParseHub. The data is flowing in properly and ‘Column Select’ is defaulting to the first two columns as expected. When I choose the columns I want to keep (or delete) nothing happens to the “Result” tab.

I’ve tried hitting the “Show updated results button” but nothing happens. Finally when I go to close the dialog it warns me that I have unsaved changes.

What am I doing wrong?

Hey @Peter_Braswell – sorry to hear that you ran into this error!

Sounds like you ran into a bug that the team is still working to track down. Do either of these methods resolve the issue?

  1. Disconnect the arrow going into the “Select Columns” step and then re-connect it
  2. Delete the step and re-add a fresh step from the settings

Based on what you’re saying, it does not sound like you’re doing anything incorrect. Let me know if this resolves the issue – appreciate your understanding here!

Hey @Adam_R. I really do appreciate the help! If I can get past this, I’m really excited about the prospects of the product!

What I tried:

  • I deleted the ‘Select Column’ and reinstalled. The the spinning ‘Calculating results’ dialog was perpetually running. I got it to stop by clicking the ‘sync all’ button on the dashboard. Same result, I could pick keep/not keep column but nothing changed on the result page.
  • About this time I got a notification that there was a new ParseHub widget available. I clicked ‘Dismiss’ to reload as instructed. This happened 4 more times while noodling with things.
  • I tired deleting both the ParseHub AND the SelectColumn widget and reinstalling them both. Same result: I could pick keep/not keep columns but the results tab didn’t change.

Thanks for looking into this!


Hey @Peter_Braswell – Appreciate you putting in the effort here to resolve this!

I’ve gone ahead and flagged this issue with our engineering team. Our apologies for the poor initial experience in Parabola!

While the team investigates, are you able to work in the flow successfully after duplicating it? You can do that by hitting the 3 dots in the top right corner of the flow and hitting ‘duplicate’.

Let me know if that does the trick! Will be sure to keep you updated.

Hey @Peter_Braswell – One additional recommendation for you.

Hearing from our engineering team that there is an issue with how we parse the data coming from the ‘Pull from ParseHub’ step. If you’re trying to quickly make progress on this flow, are you able to try pulling this data in using a “Pull from API” step instead?

Here is a link to ParseHub’s documentation. You’ll likely want to make a request to the “Get data for a run” endpoint. Let me know if you have any questions about this configuration!

Certainly realize that this is turning into more work than you signed up for! If you’d rather wait until our engineering team deploys a fix and the Parsehub step is back online, you definitely have that option as well. Again, will be sure to keep this post updated and appreciate your patience here :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, Adam! So I really appreciate the effort here. The ParseHub step is still very much busted. I do however appreciate your suggestion to use the API. I wired that up and it works just fine. The only issue if this were a production app is that you have to explicitly put the run token value in as opposed to grabbing the latest. This attribute would be painful to have to continually (and manually) update with each new ParseHub run but for now it works for development and testing purposes.

On another note, I wanted to commend you for excellent customer service. I run DevSupport for Heroku and I know what a challenge delivering helpful and timely support is. You’ve done an outstanding job! Keep it up as you scale!

Please do keep me posted on a patch release too if you would! :slight_smile:

Peter Braswell

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Hey Peter – Thanks a lot for the kind words! :smiley: Much appreciated.

Totally hear you on the ParseHub step still causing issues – our engineering team is aware of the issue with the step, though I’m unfortunately unable to provide a good estimate on when to expect a fix. I’ll be sure to let you know if I hear an update.

I do agree we you about limitations with the API workaround. We are able to dynamically pass a RUN_TOKEN to an Enrich with API step, but do not have a good way of waiting to request data from a run until after the run has completed. This appeared possible using webhooks, however we’re unable to support their Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded header in that request.

Hopefully we’re able to resolve the ParseHub step error while you work on developing the flow!

Will certainly keep you updated on the PATCH front as well :heavy_check_mark:

Thanks for your understanding and kindness in the community here Peter!

Hey @Peter_Braswell ,

You said

“The only issue if this were a production app is that you have to explicitly put the run token value in as opposed to grabbing the latest.”

But there is a way to just pull in the latest run of a ParseHub project using the API.

Could the last_ready_run parameter in ParseHub’s “Projects” object of their API work for you?

The endpoint is[THE-PROJECT-TOKEN]/last_ready_run/data?api_key=[YOUR-API-KEY]

I use this by scheduling the ParseHub project for every morning and then setting the Parabola flow to run and pull the latest run’s info an hour later.

With this, you can get up-to-date info as often as you schedule a ParseHub + Parabola run.

Does that work?