Insert Text Column stuck loading

What is a normal length of time for Insert Text Column to finish ‘calculating’? This has been stuck here for over an hour.

Hi @Darren_Samuels

I’m sorry to hear that you’re running into an issue when using that step. If you delete the “Insert text column” step and then re-add it, does this continue to happen? Once the step initially processes, you’ll want to be sure to input values in the “Column Name” and “Column value” boxes before hitting “Show updated results.”

Let me know if you’re still running into this issue after trying that!

Hi Emory, thank you for your reply. Deleting and re-adding doesn’t seem to change anything. If I refresh the page, then the “Calculating” stops and it appears that it has been added. But when I input values into Column Name and Column Value and click “Show updated results” nothing happens. In the Results tab, I just see “No data received”

Thank you for trying that and letting me know! I’m sorry to hear that this is still happening. Where are you pulling that data from for the Insert text column step?

Pulling the data from ParseHub

It looks like we’ve seen a similar issue happen with the Insert text column step and ParseHub in this Community thread: Select Column not working as expected

Since you’re experiencing issues with this step, you’ll need to connect to ParseHub via an API step to use that step. That thread provides more information on how to do that- particularly Brian Dawson’s response at the bottom of the thread. We’re sorry again for any inconvenience that this may cause.