Push Squarespace Commerce Data to Mailchimp

Hello Everyone,

SITUATION: I am new to Parabola, but very excited about what it could help me accomplish as I learn the platform. I am working for a client who has Squarespace for their website and eCommerce store. They want to use Mailchimp for their marketing since it has many new features beyond just email. Unfortunately, they do not have an integration that connects the commerce data to Mailchimp.

PROBLEM: I created a flow where I am pulling commerce data from Squarespace and list data from Mailchimp. I am matching them in a table and want to push it to Mailchimp. I only need the 1-way communication. The problem is that I cannot seem to get the last step of pushing to Mailchimp figured out.

REQUEST: I am well aware I may not be going about this the best way. Anyone who could help me with the flow or tell me how to push the data to Mailchimp, I would be very grateful.

Hi @Alex_Bradley,

Welcome to the community :wave:

It looks like your “Send to an API” step is showing an error message. Can you pass along the error message that you’re receiving?

Once we have that, we can help you configure your API steps so you can push data to Mailchimp.

No problem. I am getting the following error message:

Given your Max Requests per minute limit and the number of rows, your step will take longer than 60 minutes to run.

I have adjusted those numbers multiple times with no change to the error. My current settings are:

  • Maximum requests per minute: 1
  • Maximum pages to fetch: 10

My other settings:

  • Run: Will Export
  • Request Type: POST
  • API Endpoint URL: https://us6.api.mailchimp.com/3.0/
  • URL Parameters: Empty
  • Encode URL: Unchecked
  • Request Body: Empty
  • Authentication Type: Bearer Token
  • Bearer Token: Copied and pasted from Mailchimp API (triple checked for accuracy)
  • Request Headers: Empty

Thanks for your help Daniel.

Hi Alex -

Thanks for providing all of that information. There are a couple things that we can address to start.

When sending data to an API, it is important to include a specific API endpoint URL referencing the specific list that you are trying to update. It is also important to include the formatted JSON in the “Send to an API” step under the “Response Body” tab.

Depending on how many rows of data you are trying to process, it will also help to increase the “Maximum requests per minute.” Think of it this way - (Amount of rows of data)/(Maximum requests per minute)<60. This is because if a request takes longer than 60 minutes, it will time out. If you are processing thousands of rows, you might want to try 500.

I would also love to get some more information on your objective. What exactly are you trying to accomplish with the “Combine Tables” step? There may be a better way to sync your Squarespace data with your Mailchimp data.