Send leads form google sheet to mailchimp audience

Hello! I’m trying to send collected leads to a mailchimp audience.
I pull data from google sheet, but I can’t find the trigger “send to mailchimp”, I only see “Pull from mailchimp”
Can you help me?
Thank you all!

Hey Giuseppe!

I’m not an expert with Parabola, but this might help. You should be able to accomplish the same thing, using Google Sheets instead of Airtable.

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Thanks, @Ben for sharing that recipe!

@Giuseppe_Cangiano – you can import your data from Google Sheets using the “Pull from Google Sheets” step. You can export to Mailchimp using the “Send to an API” step.

To add your contacts to an audience in Mailchimp, you’ll need to first create an API Key. To do this, click this link to navigate to the “API Keys” section of your Mailchimp account. Next, click the “Create A Key” Button.

Configure your “Send to an API” step settings to match the image below to create a new contact from each row using the email address stored in your Google Sheet:

In the API Endpoint URL, swap out {api_server} with your server prefix. To find your server prefix, log into your Mailchimp account and look at the URL in your browser. You’ll see something like if you are located in the US. The us19 part is the server prefix.

You’ll also want to swap out the {list_id} with the id from the audience list you want to add your contacts to. Click into an audience and the id should be located in the browser URL.

In your JSON Request Body, swap out {Email_Column} with the name of the Google Sheet column that contains your email addresses. Be sure to wrap that in curly brackets. Finally, you can pass in your API Key as the Password value. Insert any_string into the Username field.

For more information, check out Mailchimp’s API documentation. Hope that helps!