Pull in data from NetSuite

Hey all!

I’m excited to announce that we now support a new data source in Parabola: NetSuite!

NetSuite is a critical tool for retail and ecommerce companies, serving as a key source of truth for product and resource data. With the Pull from Parabola step, you can access any saved search from NetSuite and pull that data into your Parabola Flows.

This integration is available to customers on our Advanced Plan. Please contact us or schedule a call if you’re interested in NetSuite for your team!

I was happy to see the new Pull from NetSuite step. I was able to configure and in pull in data from my NetSuite saved search. However, when I tried to refresh my flow and “Update Live”, I am now getting this Settings Error: There was a calculation error in “Pull from NetSuite”

It was working just fine then it stopped working. What could be the problem?

Hi @Helen_Sarpong - I just followed up with you via email so we can take a closer look at your Flow!