Airtable API - Posting new records is very slow

After processing records pulled from two Tables, I create new records from a Parabolo flow using the Airtable API .Everything is working fine. But the updation process appears slow to me - takes 7 minutes to create 500 records. Is there something you need to do to make it faster ?

Hi @Hari_Balasubramanian,

Good question. The speed of your flow depends on the number of records needing to be imported and transformed in addition to being exported. You mentioned importing records from two tables into your flow. Is either import linked to Airtable?

Taking a look at their documentation, their API is limited to 5 requests per second per base. If other apps outside of Parabola are connected to that base, that can slow down your flow.

Generally speaking, we fetch and send your data as fast as possible. Even still, we are continually looking for ways to improve the speed of our integration and API steps!

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Data is pulled from two bases from Airtable and then processed. Post processing new records are added to one of the base.

Hi @Hari_Balasubramanian,

Great, thanks for confirming.

If you’re making tens of thousands of requests to the same Airtable base in each flow, that could certainly cause some bottlenecking.

The rate limit is determined by Airtable, so limiting the amount of data per import and POST request would make the flow faster. However, you’ll likely be left with incomplete data.

I’m glad to hear the flow works. If at any point the rate limiting causes your flow to break, let us know. I can certainly look into it further.

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