Pull from bubble duplicates all records until limit is hit

Pulling data from a Bubble database using Pull from Bubble action. It seems to pull data to fill the maximum request/pagination settings. set it to 1000 pages, get 140000 records…etc but it duplicates existing records until it hits the limit.

I have used this in previous work-flows (it has been a few months since we needed Parabola services) but never had this issue.

Hi Marcel! Sounds like it may be an issue with the Pagination settings in the API Setup. Would you mind emailing help@parabola.io a snippet/flow link so we can take a look at your settings?


Hey there, just sent an email with some screenshots.

Hi @Marcel,

I replied to your internal email but closing the loop on this public thread. To ensure the correct number of records is pulled from Bubble, duplicate these step settings.

Since each page has 100 records, divide the total number of records by 100 to get the Maximum pages to fetch value.

For example, fetch 5 pages to return up to 500 records from Bubble.


Let me know if that helps!