Pull from API - 422 error - APIs no longer working

Hi, Is anyone else ecountering an error with their API pulls requests?
My existing flows have stopped working and unable to pull data from the API. I have checked the connetions and nothing has changed.

However, i am receiving 422 errors:

Anyone know what this means?

Hi @Tim_M!

The step Pull from an API's error message is showing what an external service is sending us (the service you’re using to import data from). I haven’t seen this specific message before. Can you check to see what the other service’s pricing plans and features are? You may have ran out of “api reads” for this billing period. If this is the case, the solution would be to look into upgrading your plan on that service.

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Thanks Adeline. I did check and there was still credit on the service. I have contacted them to see if their service has an issue.

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