Having problems with editing pull from api step -- errors showing in dev console

Support Request:

It seems that all of my flows have stopped working this morning. I created a new one to troubleshoot the issue with only a Pull from API step. I cannot edit the text box to enter the get request.

I am seeing the following in dev tools.

09:43:47.129 Some cookies are misusing the recommended “SameSite“ attribute 42

09:43:47.295 Layout was forced before the page was fully loaded. If stylesheets are not yet loaded this may cause a flash of unstyled content. frame.451086d9.js:1:100745

09:43:47.469 [Termly] Region us has consent_mode set to opt_in startProcess.js:94:12

09:43:47.500 [bugsnag] Loaded! 3.35f626911265738d9868.js:2:44502

09:43:47.902 Request to access cookie or storage on “” was blocked because it came from a tracker and content blocking is enabled. 6

09:43:48.115 Uncaught (in promise)

Object { message: “Invalid User”, data: {…}, metadata: {…} }

09:43:48.335 Uncaught (in promise)

Object { message: “Invalid User”, data: {…}, metadata: {…} }

09:44:10.408 Uncaught (in promise)

Object { message: “The request failed with message: A new request was made before this one finished.”, data: {…}, metadata: {…} }

09:44:52.256 Source map error: Error: request failed with status 403 Resource URL: https://cdn.parabola.io/app/3.35f626911265738d9868.js Source Map URL: 3.35f626911265738d9868.js.map

Hey @Melissa_Fuller,

We’re experiencing some performance issues right now that we’re actively investigating. Looks like we’ve identified the issue and should have a fix out soon. Apologies for the inconvenience – we’ll update this post as soon as performance is back to normal!

Hi @Melissa_Fuller

Following up to let you know that this issue has been resolved. The flows you were waiting to complete should have completed by now. If you have flows still stuck in a loading or running state, please send us the link to your flow and we’ll look into it right away.

We know you rely on your Parabola flows to run on time so we really appreciate your patience with us today. We’re reviewing what happened internally and adding in safeguards to avoid this issue in the future.

Please let me know if I can help with anything else for now!

Thank you. We’ve verified that all our flows are working now.