Private IP disallowed

I’m getting an error that says - 500 - Private IP Disallowed. What does this mean?

Hi Nikita,

Any other details you can provide? I’m assuming this is popping up on a “pull from API” step.

What API are you trying to use?

Hi Brian

I am using Diffbot Article API in “Enrich with API step”, I am sending URL as a search parameter to get results. When I do this I get error code 500 - Private IP disallowed. I am wondering where this private IP has come from. Is the IP exposed from parabola to diffbot API a private IP? How is that possible? I am unable to make sense out of this error code. I am attaching a screenshot for further details.

Hi Nikita,

Thanks for the screenshots, that’s helpful. I’m not sure about the “private IP disallowed” error message you’re getting. Hopefully the Parabola team will be able to provide some insight on that.

But first, I noticed that you’re trying to pass values through to the API endpoint with the parameter “url”, where the value is “”.

I can’t see in your screenshot, but is there a column in your previous step called “”?

If you’re trying to pass the value in that column to the API endpoint, where each row is a different, you need to put that “” in brackets.

Instead of “” it should be “{}” in your parameter value.

I don’t think that’s what’s causing the problem, but thought I’d mention it anyway.

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