502 Error on Enrich with API Step

Hi Parabola,

I am trying to build this workflow:

  1. Pull data from Stripe (new customers)
  2. Filter Rows (remove gmail.com)
  3. Enrich with an API (lookup non-gmail.com emails with Diffbot Enhance)
  4. Send emails by row (email me their company, location, etc…)

However I keep running into a 502 bad gateway error when attempting to get past the enrich step. It’s a very simple API request that looks like this:


When I c/p this directly into Postman, I was able to get a result that looks like this:

If I were to guess, it might be that Parabola is having a hard time processing the output response due to multiple nested properties, but I don’t see any option to resolve this.

Is there anything I can do?

Hey @Jerome_Choo,

If you make a single GET request using the Pull from an API step, do you receive a response? I’m curious to know if using one email address as a URL parameter has a different result.

Parabola should be able to return objects with nested properties using a single column. You can then expand those nested properties into separate columns using a Top Level Key or by using the Expand JSON step.

Let me know if a single request works out. If it does, the issue could definitely be a result of how our Enrich with an API step parses your JSON.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the help! The GET request from Pull from an API does indeed work as expected.

I went back and c/ped the exact same request back into the Enrich with an API step, then swapped in the {Email} parameter, and got a 502.

So I did it again, this time without swapping in the {Email} parameter, and now I’m running into a 401, which is odd because when I c/p the same request back into the Pull from an API step I was able to get a result with no problem.

I also double checked that the headers for both steps are exactly the same. No dice.

I have a feeling there’s something going on with the Enrich with an API step. :\ One last thing I’ll mention is that the 502 errors (from the enrich step) tend to take a realllyyy long time before it comes up. I’ve been staring at this screen for the last 5 minutes.

Hey Jerome,

Thanks for trying that out! It’s good to know Parabola can parse the data if is in fact, returned. Let’s try one more thing.

Can you add a Limit Rows step before your Enrich with an API step and set the threshold to 10 rows? Add the email column as a merged parameter into the URL. Each row that’s being enriched is a separate request. I’m curious to know if a smaller number of requests will return data.

Feel free to pass along the specific error message that’s returned. You may need to contact the other service to get more insight into this.

IT WORKED!!! Looks like the issue really was Parabola being a bit overrun by a huge response output.

I was able to run the entire flow. But it looks like the only way to run the flow is either manually or time scheduled.

Last question - Don’t suppose there’s a way for it to “webhook” into firing a flow?

Awesome, Jerome! So glad to hear it. We do have a Receive from webhook beta step.

If you’re interested in trying that out, email us at help@parabola.io. It’s helpful to include a detailed description of your use case, so we can make sure it’s well supported.

Once that’s set, we’ll be able to enable webhooks on your account.

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