Parabola Tables: now with Append, hiding, freezing, and links

Hey all!

Hot on the tails of our exciting release of visualizations, we’ve added three new features to Parabola Tables to make them more powerful for reporting.

Append and upsert

From the Send to Parabola step, you can now decide whether your data should:

  1. Overwrite on each run (existing functionality)
  2. Append new data to the bottom or top of your Table (new!)
  3. Update existing rows (new!)

This is great for anyone who is continuously adding new or updated data to their Tables, like week-over-week reporting.

Hiding and freezing

When looking at a Table on your published Flow page, you can now hide specific columns. These hidden columns can still be used within filters, sorts, or groupings for even more control over your final Table.

The first column and/or first row can also be frozen in place, so they “stick” while scrolling vertically or horizontally.

Use these to tailor Table views to exactly what you and your teammates want to see.

Automatic links

Any URLs in your Flow descriptions, Table descriptions, or even the cells within Tables will now be clickable.

We’ve been using this feature internally to link our Tables out to external sources of truth.

Internally, we’ve found it incredibly helpful to add documentation links in our descriptions, and to easily access data that lives in another tool.

Hope you all find these features useful as you build Flows, Tables, and reports!