Parabola Tables: A home for your data

Today, we’re excited to announce Parabola Tables: a brand-new way to view, share, and explore the data your Flows create!

Your Parabola Flows already centralize all of your processes and logic. Now, you can also publish the output of your Flows directly in Parabola. The new “Send to Parabola Table” step enables you to create reports that are easily shareable with your entire team.

Tables created in a Flow appear on the Live view, and are visible to anyone who is a viewer on your flow.

You can also use data from those tables in any of your other Flows with the “Pull from Parabola Table” step, which unlocks new ways of linking Flows and data sets together.

You can use Parabola Tables to create and share simple reports, dashboards, and custom data sets between flows. Check out this video to see this all in action.

You can also read more on our Blog about how to leverage Tables, and what you can to look forward to!

tables-live-view (1)

What are the limitations of the table size? Columns, and rows?

Hi @Courtey- Parabola tables have the same limitations that you see in other Parabola steps. You can have a maximum of 5 million rows, 5,000 steps, and 150 million cells.