Can Parabola's API steps support cursor-based pagination?

Hi - I’m trying to use Vend’s API, but they use cursor-based pagination:

Can I connect to this API on Parabola? If so, can you tell me how I’m supposed to configure my pagination settings in my API Import step?

Hey Sophie!

Yes that is possible.

Looking at their docs, they give this example as a response from the API:

    "data": [
            id: "0800273d-7d7f-11e5-e1c0-0aaccee64985",
    "version": {
        "min": 11234566790,
        "max": 173456345676

And they say that you need to send the max value from that version object that comes back.

Specifically, they want the URL to contain ?after=something where something is the cursor in this case.

So, if you open the Advanced settings, you can set the following values:

Pagination Key : after
Pagination Start Value : 0
Cursor Key : version.max

The first one sets the word after to be added to your URL automatically. The second field you filled out says, “Start with the value of after being set to 0”. And the Cursor Key field says how to get to the cursor key in the response. In this case, we know that version is a top level key (which just means there is no key above it in the hierarchy), and it has a child key called max. The dot represents a child follows.

Let me know if that works for you!

Be sure to bump up your Max Pages Fetched to be high enough that all of your pages are fetched.


Thanks for the quick response, @brian! That worked!