OAuth1 Authorization (Twitter API)

Is there a way to make an API call using OAuth1 Authorization?

Twitter’s API uses this method with:






Hey Gustavo, at the moment we do not have a way to support OAuth 1.0a.

Looking at their docs, though, you could use OAuth 2.0 which we do support, or better yet, if you can use Basic Auth, that is just the username and password field in the API Import in Parabola, and is the easiest.

Thanks for the reply, @brian

Unfortunately it seems like Twitter’s Standard API can only be used with OAuth 1.0a.

OAuth 2.0 bearer token and Basic Auth is reserved for the Premium and Enterprise APIs. I don’t completely understand the division between the APIs but I know I’m using the Standard one.


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Alright. I was able to generate a Bear Token and it worked.

For reference if anyone lands here with the same issue. You will need to use a REST client like Postman, Insomnia or any other to make a POST call to the oauth2/token endpoint.

You will need to authorise this call using a basic authorisation method using:

username = API key
password = API Secret


With the generated Token you will be able to use the Twitter API with Parabola.

Hope that helps!

Hi Gustavo,

Which Twitter API are you invoking?

I’m trying to post a tweet message but it seems it requires OAuth 1.0a: