No form showing up in Pull from Typeform

Hi, I’m trying to build a flow using a ‘pull from typeform’ request but when I authorize my typeform account, no form is showing up in the “select” drop down menu.
Anyone encountered this? Any solution to see my forms?

Hi @Romain_Duthoit - It looks like my teammate, Adeline, was looking into this for you yesterday. Admittedly, our “Pull from Typeform” step is one of our older steps and is due for an update.

I was helping another customer work through weird Typeform issues recently and what ended up working as setting up this integration with Typeform and Google Sheets:

Because Typeform can update a Google Sheets automatically as responses come in, we used the Pull from Google Sheets step in Parabola instead to pull in Typeform response data. Would something like that work for you?

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Thanks Sachi for your answer. The pull from typeform suddenly started to work yesterday, so the issue seems solved! I’ll try the pull from Google sheets if it comes back.

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Oh great! I’m glad to hear that. Might have been a temporary issue with the Typeform API we use in our integration.