New Integration: Pull from Facebook Ads

Hey folks! I’m super happy to announce the new Pull from Facebook Ads step.

You can import nearly 400 different metrics, all of which closely match Facebook’s own business dashboard.

As always, take it for a spin and let us know what you think.

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LOVING this so far. I really wanted to provide creative reporting as well, but the “Preview Link” within the columns does not return anything. Any way to pull in the ad link?

Hey Ryan! Glad to see you’re enjoying it :slight_smile: As one of the first users you’ve discovered one of the first bugs. It looks like Facebook wont allow us to import the Preview Link directly, so I’ll be removing that column from the integration to avoid confusion. However, you can construct the Preview Link yourself with the “Ad ID” breakdown. Send the FB step into an “Insert column” step with this text, and you should be good to go:{Ad ID}

This didn’t work on my end. The link just went to my normal facebook feed and did not have the preview ad anywhere.

Is it possible to generate “Facebook Post With Comments?”

My hope would be to create reports that show ad account performance over the month, and also have preview links or some sort of link to the top 5 winning ads that had the highest return.

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The other method should show your FB feed, and the first ad in your feed should be your demo ad. At least it seems to be working with my testing account. Your results might vary!

Regardless, you’d probably prefer to breakdown by “Ad Name” and “Image”. You’ll get direct urls to the image assets in the “Image: Url” column!

I really appreciate your help here and think that I am getting closer to a solution.

However, using a breakdown by ad name and image returns a null.

Hi @ryan_waranauskas, it looks like you’ve set this up correctly. Can you increase the date range to be longer than 7 days? No data pulled in can be a result of inactivity from the past week. Let us know how changing the date range works for you at, if more troubleshooting is needed to finalize this. Thanks!

I’ll shoot a message to support–this is a super high performing fb ad account and increasing the date range also did not work.