Recover Deleted Flow

I accidentally deleted a flow (thinking I was deleting the draft) and I don’t see a trash or other place in order to recover it. I spent a lot of time building this flow and don’t want to have to re-do the work. Is there a way to recover it? Thanks!

Hi @Danny_Engell,

Thanks for reaching out about this. Yes, it is possible to recover and restore accidentally-deleted flows. We’ve started the process to restore yours and will email you once completed.

If this happens in the future for others or yourself, you can email us at with:

  • Name/title of deleted flow
  • Estimated time of day that you deleted the flow
  • Link to the flow (if it was the flow’s steps that were accidentally deleted, while in the canvas builder mode)

Then we’ll be able to restore it. :slight_smile:
Please note for security and privacy reasons, restored flows’ steps will need reauthorizing for any API configurations as well as previous collaborators needing re-invitations.

Thanks! It was “Billing Processes” about 1 hour ago.

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