Cant' see my flow details when I click on it

Hi, when I click on the editor button to see my flow settings, I do not see anything anymore. I tried to hover over the screen but nothing shows.
It seems the settings are still there because I can run the flow and I see results. How can I get back into the flow settings?

Hi @Marieke_Jansen,

It sounds like you may be in a blank section of your flow’s canvas. Can you try using the pan option to zoom out or in? If it seems like it is hard to zoom out, you can refresh the page and reload the flow’s canvas. Depending on how zoomed in you are, if you double-click and make a yellow note on your canvas, you can use this as a guide for ruling out blank canvas areas until you relocate your flow.

If you’re still having trouble relocating your flow in your canvas, you can email us its link at: so we can help you from there.

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