MongoDB Authorization

Has anyone been able to successfully authorize MongoDB? I can’t get it connected even with the help of one of my developers.

One issue we are having is we cannot locate our MongoDB hostname.

Hey William! We’ve chatted about locating your MongoDB hostname before. I’m sorry you’re still having trouble locating it. Is there someone from MongoDB that might be able to help you guys locate it?

Hoping another customer who’s connected Parabola and MongoDB can offer some additional guidance for us too!

Hey! This definitely worked for me after some trial and error. I know that MongoDB has known issues with Zapier but it’s working really well with Parabola.

That’s super encouraging to hear! Can I ask you about the syntax of the hostname field in parabola?

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Okay, we got it to work. I feel like this could have been solved on my end with better documentation from Parabola for MongoDB’s connection.

We did not use the Hostname field. Instead we entered the URI (I feel like this should be next to the Hostname field and it should clearly state that you can use one or the other), Username, Password, Database, and Port.

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Before I could respond…yep that’s what I did! Curious: what kind of use case are you setting up for? I created a one-way sync with Airtable to make MongoDB data accessible for non-tech peeps.

After a long fiddle with the connection issues

I noticed that of course you need to allow connections from Parabola to MongoDB.

Would be great to get IP space I need to enable from Parabola.

You can find those IP addresses here! What IP Addresses does Parabola send data from?