Can't connect to MongoDb

I’m trying to connect to a MongoDB. I first tried using the tool Pull from MongoDB, but it pulled 93k rows and I only need 576. Since I’m on one of the old plans the 93k rows burned 16 credits.

I switched to Pull from API, but keep getting the error 401. I’ve created an
api key inside Mongodb and made sure that the api key has access to both the organization and project with highest credentials possible. What else should I check?

Driving me nuts!

Thank you!


Hi Julie,

Is there any reason why using the Pull from MongoDB step to pull in your data and filter it down will not work for your use case? If you’re concerned about managing your credits, our new pricing plans eradicate the need for credits altogether.

Their documentation does state that they use a form of Digest authentication which Parabola may not be able to support. Typically, this involves both a username and password. Their documentation does not cover Digest authentication, but you can read more about it.

If it’s easiest, feel free to pass along the error message you’re receiving and we can look into it further. Let me know if this points you in the right direction!