MailerLite API succeeds but doesn't work


I set up a flow using the MailerLite API. I get a successful message but when I check in MailerLite none of the data I sent there is updating. How do I best go about sorting out this issue?


Hey @Connor_Finlayson - Since you get a successful message on Parabola’s run log, that would mean that MailerLite sent us back a 200 “success” code. Can you reach out to MailerLite’s customer support team to ask about this?

One thing I noticed, which I don’t think caused this issue, is that the MailerLite API docs asks for a Content-Type header value when using POST or PUT methods. You can try adding this header to see if it changes anything.

Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 1.29.01 PM

Let me know what you hear from the MailerLite team.

Hi Sachi,

Thanks for the response. I added that but it didn’t seem to fix it.

I’ll keep investigating.


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I asked them and they asked me to ask you.


Het Connor,

A little testing on my side and it looks like they are giving us back a 200, but no changes are going through, even with testing outside of Parabola.

Any updates sent are not reflected in a subsequent get call to the same entity.

I’ll shoot you an email so we can test specifics