Connecting GetEmails Through API


I’m wondering if anyone could help me connect parabola to Getemails API. The documentation on their end seems simple, but I’m pretty confused once configuring on parabola.

Here’s a link to their API documentation if anyone can help: Socket


Hey @John_Wallace,

It looks like they return their responses in JSON format, but they require a content type that may not be compatible with Parabola. Let’s see if we can connect still.

Grab your API ID and Key under the My Account section of your GetEmails account. To GET a list of your contacts, use this endpoint:

To authenticate your request, pass your API ID and Key as request headers in the step sidebar. You can manually type the header keys if they don’t appear in the dropdown:

Their documentation mentions a Content-Type key of multipart/form-data, which again, Parabola does not support.

If you can’t pull in your data because of the content type, feel free to make a post in the #feature-requests section of our community forum.