List Contains Step - AND operator

I’m using a List Contain step to compare 2 tables based on 2 criteria with an AND operator and I believe the step is not working the way it should.

For what I understand, the List Contains compare 2 different tables and return only the records that match on both tables. With the AND operator you can compare multiple columns between these cables and will only get records one BOTH columns match. Correct?

So here’s what’s happening to me. I’m comparing 2 tables according to:

Table 1 (Date) = Table 2 (Werstellung)


Table1 (Payee) = Table 2 (Beschreibung)

(don’t let the German names scare you ;)).

Here’s the setup:

However, the results are returning several records that don’t match the criteria. For example, I’m getting this record on the results where Date and Werstellung have different values.

Why is the List Contain returning this record as a result?

Hi @Gustavo_Dias! Sorry for the delay here. Hmm I’m having trouble reproducing this issue, but from what I can tell from your screenshots, it doesn’t seem to be the right behavior of the List Contains step.

If this is still happening, can you email us at with more information about the particular flow you’re working on?

Thank you for looking into it @sachi
I changed the flow and the weird behaviour went away. It must have been something temporary or I did something wrong (probably)!

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