Unable to find 'List Contains' function - is it deleted?

Hi Parabola Community.
I am comparing two sets of data and I want to keep the non-matching data. However, I have looked at can’t see any function that does this. It is mentioned there is a List Contains function and there is even a video about it but when I try to search for it - it doesn’t appear?

I noticed it may be now called ‘Find Overlap’ but the option for not contains or advanced settings is in there.

If anyone can help that would be great.


I believe i have found the solution. So within the ‘Find Overlap’ you can select ‘match’ and change it to ‘do not match’ but this option does not appear until you have completed the other initial values.

Hope this helps anyone else trying to do the same thing.


So I thought I had found the issue but it turns out it is not giving me the expected results. I want to compare two sets of data and only retain the data that DOES NOT MATCH.

However, when I set the ‘do not match’ I get the same results shown which doesn’t make sense.

The tutorial says use ‘List Contains’ function and ‘advanced rules’ but I do not see this option. Please can anyone help.

I have managed to fix the issue so hope this helps others. I had to clean all the data that was imported (keep additional columns) for it to read it properly. Then compare via an overlap and then it was able to give me the data that ‘do not match’ - not sure why this matters since it contained the same ‘Column’ Name.

Hope this helps anyone else ecountering an issue. Very happy to solve it.