RSS Feed input -> Parabola table -> Sendgrid

I just discovered Parabola, and my mind is blown. I am so excited to be here.

Here’s my question: My flow-in-progress currently takes data from several RSS feeds and formats them into one table in Parabola. From there, I’d like to send the contents of the table to Sendgrid as the “top headlines of the day”, to email to a list.

Currently I Have columns “title” “link” “source” “date” and some others that I used to organize everything. I will need to format the HTML on the sendgrid side with corresponding values from each column.

I plan to send 20-25 rows to sendgrid per day, but it will vary depending on what comes in from the source RSS feeds.

Any tips for how to format the table for ease of sending to SendGrid? Also, if the # of rows varies by day, how can I ensure that all info is transmitted each day? Would love to read through any tutorials above/beyond the documentation. I’m not super technical, although I can pickup the concepts.

Thanks for reading. This is a great community.


Hi @Steve_Marks - Welcome to Parabola! Thanks for your kind words, that’s awesome to hear.

Very cool use case you have for Parabola!

First, I want to clarify something about our Send to Sendgrid step. The data feeding into this step needs to have one unique row per email recipient. Imagine having an email column in your table which you would reference in the Recipient Email Column of the Sendgrid step. This step sends an email to each recipient row-by-row. Most tables feeding into the Sendgrid step have one column of unique emails and another column(s) of the content you’d like to send the recipients.

For the second part of your question about formatting the HTML, this bit is a little tricky. The goal here is to actually create a single cell containing all the content that you’d like to use in your Sendgrid email.

I would suggest using a combination of our Insert Column step to create new columns containing HTML tags and maybe our Merge Values step to take the separate columns and merge the data into a single cell.

Once you have the single cell of data, this will be the column that you reference in the Email Body section of your Sendgrid step.

I know that’s a lot of information. Feel free to DM us or send us an email at if you want us to take a closer look at your specific flow.