It looks like there's a bug involving hidden spaces

Hi everyone,

For a client of mine, there is a strange bug that has popped up a few times in their Parabola flow.

In the header row for columns, there have been a few times where the name of the column appears to be something like “Header 1”, but under closer inspection, is actually "Header 1 " (note the space after ‘1’). This only shows up when you right click → inspect or use developer tools to look at the actual HTML.

When you click on the actual field or the Parabola UI, there is no space after the “1”.

For example, it looks like this:

I was able to fix this by duplicating the step and just replacing it, but it’s an issue that’s hard to recognize and causes downstream issues.

Thanks for flagging this with us @Brian_Dawson! Haven’t heard of this error before. Was anything in your flow thrown off by the space?

Regardless, feel free to send over a link to the flow where you noticed this to and we’ll be sure to flag it with our engineering team.

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