Clean Data > Trailing Spaces, not cleaning

After removing trailing spaces, I still see things like "ANTIHERO " with a trailing space. I copied/pasted that exact text into here. Is it not technically a space or something? Can you investigate?

Thanks in advance.

It’s probably not a real space, and instead a funky invisible character.

Are you using the “Clean data” step to accomplish this?

Yes I am using Clean data (not Clean Table, just updated the thread title typo).

I pasted the “potentially funky space” into Find+Replace, but it was treated like a regular space :thinking:

If you try the “Clean to use as JSON” does that help?

It doesn’t, but if I do “remove all spaces”, it gets rid of the trailing space! So seems like a bug, since “remove trailing spaces” should also get rid of that same trailing space.

But it gets weirder: even after getting rid of the trailing space, it still sees it as a separate entry as the version without the trailing space!

(this is using Sum by group, and appears completely cleaned… these two should have been summed)

I feel like I should email this one to you, if that’s cool.

Hey @Nathan – Feel free to send us a link to this flow at and we’re happy to take a closer look!