Is there a way to view past errors?

I have a flow on a schedule, and one of the earlier runs partially failed. I’d like to see more details for why it failed. Since it’s run successfully since then, I can’t find a way to view the details from the previous error. Are there any work arounds for this?

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Hey Marianna!

Right now, there is no way to view those other than looking in the run logs on the published page. Those have the full error printed out in them. The only steps that have error data not shown fully in the logs would be API Steps, such as API Import, API Enrichment, and API Export.

Unfortunately, some errors just don’t come back with a lot of information!

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Thanks Brian! As a feature request, it would be helpful to see what was sent in the API export. Currently, Parabola only shows the most recent run data. It would be helpful to see what was sent in earlier runs as well.

Agreed! Could you post that in the Feature Request page?