Descriptive Hubspot Export errors

Currently when you get a Hubspot error, all you get is “[HubSpot Error]: Errors found processing batch update.”
Not super helpful when you’re trying to see WHAT the error is so you can fix it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Jake I totally agree! If you (or anyone) need help with these errors in the interim, please submit a ticket to us in the app and we can check the server logs!

Thanks Brian.
My current workaround is to duplicate the flow, replace the Hubspot export with a CSV export, and do an old-fashioned import into Hubspot with the results to get their error reporting. Not fun, but will reach out to you guys for future errors :slight_smile:


These non-descriptive errors are becoming a bigger and bigger problem. I just wasted 3 hours and a ton of credits trying to get to the bottom of some Hubspot import errors. I submitted a ticket but I couldn’t wait around for hours to get a reply.

It took a mix of running the Parabola flow with a CSV output, importing the CSV multiple times to see what errors came through, and then multiple tries using Postman and the Hubspot API to figure out what was wrong with my dates.

We REALLY need to be able to see what exactly the errors are. This is the most frustrated I’ve been with the product so far. When dealing with any of your output actions, there should be some way for the product to parse error messages returned by those API’s and displayed on our end, even if there’s a chance that they’re hard to understand.

Still love Parabola (and the Parabola team!), just frustrated today. :neutral_face:

Hi @Jake_Spirek - thanks for sharing about your experience today. I don’t blame you for feeling frustrated. Sorry to hear about this and that we weren’t able to provide help to you sooner.

Thanks for troubleshooting that by yourself. I totally hear you on wanting better error messaging in the HubSpot export. I’ll keep discussing this with our team to hopefully get this improvement prioritized soon.

I know we talked via email already, but I’ve gone ahead and reset the credits you lost through this troubleshooting. Happy to do this for other customers who encounter this same experience. We’ll work on doing better and getting back to you sooner on requests. Thanks again for your patience.

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Thanks Adeline. You guys have a great team, and I know you’re probably slammed with tons of requests. This enhancement would take pressure off you guys, so it’s a win/win. :slight_smile: thanks!

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